BBIEN'S Culture
BBIEN Corporation's Culture

1)Main company culture:

.         The people oriented;                      The talent development
·         Quality priority;                                  Bold  proactive in innovation
·         Employee commitment                  Strong trust relationships 
·         Highly effective leadership             Customer-focused
·         Effective communications              Commitment to learning and skill development
.         Return to the community
  • BBIEN never forget their selfless dedication in the course of several decades. Sunstone has always attached importance to staff training, organizing job training to upgrade their skills regular according to their quality and technical capacity so that they continue to progress. The ever-growing staff can improve the efficiency of company, at the same time, company can improve the employee grow,so the humanistic spirit is established as "I'm proud of the company, company are proud of me,"
2)Operation Ideals
"Scientific management, enterprises service, trustworthy-oriented, entrepreneurship"

3)Company Inspiration
Pursuit of Excellence through Dedication and Innovation
4)Management  tenet
The management tenet of CASH is that, in accordance with the requirements of modern enterprise system, to establish a standard structure between ownership and legal person management structure, to achieve operational norms of state-owned assets management and effective operation through social reform of the enterprise equity, to achieve resource optimization configuration and utilization under the principle of efficiency and effectiveness priority, to achieve a fair, just and openness under the principle of right, responsibility and justice, to construct sound cooperation between share holding companies on the basis of mutual trust, to build up harmonious corporate culture through dedication and innovation and to maximize the value of state-owned assets.
5)Mission and Manifesto
  The mission and manifesto of CASH is to support the investor’s development through operational norms of state-owned assets management and effective operation and to promote scientific achievements social transformation and scale industrialization
 6)Development Prospective
The development prospective of CASH is to become a famous and distinctive state-owned assets management company through assets socialization and marketing, and to shape a CAS high-tech industry group.