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Products Overview
BBIEN Products Overview:
1.Lead free tin solder item
No clean lead-free solder melting point °C Tensile strength elongation reat% expansion rate% Diameter Application Solder wire alloy Solder bar/block alloy Solder paste alloy Solder powder alloy
Sn99.3Cu0.7 227 30 45 70 ≥0.15mm low cost, the most commonly used;
Lead-free solder for general welding;copper plate
yes yes yes yes
Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5 217 40 58 78 ≥0.1mm high cost, relatively bright spot;
high performence

Can be excellent for demanding welding
yes yes yes yes
Sn63.7Bi35Ag0.3 179 42 52 70 25~45micron SMT,PCB not not yes yes
Sn64Bi35Ag1 179 40 50 70 25~45micron SMT,PCB not not yes yes
Sn62Pb36Ag2 179 38 54 75 25~45micron SMT,PCB not not yes yes
Sn63Pb37 183 48 55 78 25~45micron SMT,PCB yes yes yes yes
Sn42Bi58 138 38 50 75 25~45mic High cost yes Not yes yes
2.Tin lead solder item:
Core wire and bar solder composition:
Diameter for core wire solder:above 0.35mm(0.4mm,0.5mm,0.8mm,1.0mm…7.0mm)
Normal Packing:500g,1kg,2kg per roll,
small packing e.g.50g/roll,100g/roo,250g/roll can be discussed.
3.Other special non-ferrous alloy
1.Indium series:
Sn-In;Sn90In10,Sn80In20,Sn50In50,Sn48In52…diameter: above 0.7mm
Sn-In block is also available.
2.silver alloy series:
  Ag-Al alloy wire: Al99Ag1, Al98Ag2, Al95Ag5, diameter above 0.5mm
  Ag-Al alloy wire: Ag98Ag2, Ag95Al5,Ah90Al10, Ag80Al20,diameter above 0.3mm
While Ag70Al30,Ag50Al 50,Ag40Al60,Ag30Al70…Ag10Al90 need to discuss.
 Ag-Ni alloy wire and Ag-Cu alloy wire can be available, metal composition need to discuss.
3.Zinic series:
  Zn-Cu alloy wire:Zn10Cu90, Zn40Cu60…Zn20Cu80,diameter above 0,2mm
4.Purity metal wire:
 a.Cobalt (Co)wire>99.92%,diameter above 0.3mm, purity cobalt powder also can be available
b. Molybdenum (Mo)wire>99.95%,diameter above 0.2mm,purity Molybdenum (Mo)powder is available.
c.Zinic (Zn) wire>99.99%,diameter above 0.3mm
4.Soldering chemical: can suppliy different kinds of soldering chamical after getting CAS no. from u.

5.Tacky paste flux and Resin adhesive:Epibond®epoxy surface mount adhesives and tacky paste flux for BGA technique

6.Kinds of permanent magnet:Neodymium Magnet(Sintered NdFeB,HAST Neodymium Magnets);Samarium Cobalt Magnets, SmCo Magnets; AlNiCo Magnet(Cast AlNiCo Magnet);Ferrite magnets,ceramic magnets.

7.Tools:solder wick and solder station: Solder wick(desoldering wire) 1515,2015,2515,3015,3515;
                                                                        Solder station:HAKKO solder station