New product introduction
Lead free solder Products Introduction
With men’s awareness of environmental protection growing, the voice of prohibiting the use of lead material bigger. One of the main directions is “tin lead” of world electronic products. Published two directives of the European Union,greatly promoted in the tin leadelectronic products process. OurGovernment will be formally promulgated the "Electronic Information Product Pollution Control Regulations" to July 1st, 2006 the full implementation of tin leadelectronics manufacturing standard.
The voice of Prohibiting the use of leaded products growing, lead in solder is to bear the brunt.Followingthe spirit of professional and carrier,we will create a new microelectronic welding era and devote ourselves to the of world electronic products together wit you sticking to market-oriented.
Our company is willing to work with you in good relationships to refine the performance tin lead solder.BBIEN supplies lead freesolder item as follow:SnBi,SnIn,ZnCu,SnCu, SnAg, NiAg,CuAg and SnAgCualloy
1).Little impurity, diffusion capacity well
2).Weldability, good fatigue resistance
3).Solder joints, solder surface brightness, good wetting
4).Strong antioxidant, anti-creep
  5).Increase production speed, reduce production costs
Residue processing
Residues around the solder joints whether need cleaning, according to the decision to use liquid flux. If necessary, use the corresponding detergent removal, operate easy and convenient.
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