Cleaning Camera
Cleaning Camera
It is know to all that a clean camera not only looks better,but also will work better than an unclean camera. Generally,there are many tools for options: Clean room swabs,cleanroom anti-static swabs,tip swabs,electronic cleaning swabs, microfiber wipes
Certainly, you do not need every tools for your camera cleaning. May be a tip-swab can clean all parts of your point and shoot of your digital camera. Meanwhile, you also need an anti-static cleanroom swab or wipes that should be free from all contaminants, chemicals and oils.
There are something should be avoided during cleaning. 
Do not use these items to clean your lens or LCD screen under any circumstances:
Paper towels
Paper napkins
Any wipe with particles on it
Any rough cloth
Excessive liquid
Any type of liquid cleaning agent, unless your camera store or the camera manufacturer specifically recommends it.
Never touch the lens with your skin, because your fingers could leave difficult-to-remove oils on the lens. Try to avoid touching the LCD for the same reason, although, depending on the size of your camera, this can be difficult to avoid.
Some photography stores sell cleaning swabs, which remove grime and fingerprints from the lens and LCDs and it is free from chemicals. Some cleaning swabs are very  soft making it a handy tool to carry when using your camera away from home. A cleanroom swab is a much better option than a t-shirt or a facial tissue for cleaning away from home.
Check your camera manufacturer's website or user guide for specific instructions and tips for cleaning the camera body, lens, and LCD on your brand and model of digital camera.
Finally, some lens and LCD problems will require professional cleaning from a repair store. Be sure to obtain a quote for the cleaning ahead of time. Depending on the age of your point-and-shoot digital camera, a professional cleaning might be too expensive to justify it on an older camera model.

Don’t forget that while the exposed glass elements are the most important parts of the lens when it comes to optical quality, it’s also worth giving the casing a good clean. Some lenses are weather-sealed, but avoid using your cloth dampened with water. If there’s dirt that’s hard to remove, be careful if you’re using liquid-based cleaners, as the electronics inside your lens are extremely sensitive.