CAS No.110-94-1Glutaric Acid C5H8O41 of 5-Pentanedioic acid
white powder appearance
CAS No.110-94-1Glutaric Acid C5H8O41 of 5-Pentanedioic acid
CAS No.110-94-1Glutaric Acid which its formula is C5H8O41 another name is 5-Pentanedioic acid as well as 1,3-Propanedicarboxylic acid;white powder appearance,used as initiator of polymerizatio .
Packing:25kg/wooden drum.
 Glutaric Acid
Our product has high purity, white color, low impurities and free flowing. Quality is consistent in different batches. Our product is suitable for various applications like solder and flux, pharmaceuticals,polyester polyols, polyamides, esterplasticizers, corrosion inhibitors, surfactants and metal finishing compounds.
.Physical state  Index white crystalline powder
PURITY, (wt.%), min  95-99
Molecular formula: C5H8O4
Ash content (%) max 0.01
Molecular weight 132.13
Chroma ,(APHA),max 5
Sulphate (SO4):(ppm).max 20
.Melting point.,(°C) 95-98 3.
Boiling point °C 200
Specific gravity,g/cm3 1.429 
Drying loss, max  %  0.5
Heavy metal, max  PPM 20
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