99.99% Pure cobalt wire
Cobalt wire
99.99% Pure cobalt wire
SHENZHEN BBIEN TECHNOLOGY LIMITED supplies 99.9% and 99.99% pure cobalt wire,cobalt wire,pure Co wire,purity Cobalt wire which purity above Pure cobalt wire with 1kg packing per reel or bobbin packing,this wire can be used for alloy materials and abrasive resistance
BBIEN's cobalt pure wire information:
Diameter:above 0.3mm;e.g.0.3mm,0.4mm0.5mm,0.6mm,0.7mm,0.8mm,1.0mm,2.0mm...

Except for pure cobalt wire,BBIEN still supplies  
Purity wire/metal:
Cobalt purity wire (Co wire);             Zinc purity wire (Zn wire);
Molybdenum purity wire (Mo wire);       copper purity wire(Cu wire)
Tin purity wire (Sn wire);                         Indium purity wire (In wire)
2.Alloy wire:Silver series alloy wire, Silver-Aluminium: Ag-Al alloy wire
Silver-Nickel: Ag-Ni alloy wire;;Silver-Copper: Ag-Cu alloy wire
Indiun-Tin:In-Sn alloy wire;  Zinc-Copper: Zn-Cu alloy wire
3.Metal black or Ingot:Sn42Bi58 alloy block
In52Sn48, In50Sn50 metal alloy block;Indium ingot
Tin ingot 99.95%
 Purity Germanium (Ge) metal block




Product Type Metal wire
Material Cobalt pure
Composition 99.99%pure( Co) 
Melt point 1493 degree
Flux content solid
Application Metal soldering,electronics
Density (g/m^3) 8.4
Diameter 0.3mm,0.4mm,0.5mm,0.7mm,0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,1.5mm.2.0mm.3.0mm
Weight 1000g/pcs,or 5kg per reel
Type Purity wire or metal alloy wire
Place of origin Shenzhen,Dongguan city
Certificate ISO9001
Keyword  Co wire,cobalt purity99.99% wire
Metal purity 99.99% cobalt wire
Cobalt wire

Supply ability:

We are specialized in kinds of soldering products
Purity cobalt wire:100kg  per month
Other purity wire or metal:Above 30 ton per month
Solder paste:10-50 ton per month
Other solder:can meet customer's demand
Newest SGS test;ISO9001:2008;RoHS,REACH etc
Shipping way:
We have a cooperation with big express company,such as CHINA POST(EMS),TNT,DHL,FEDEX,UPS;
We also connect with SF express inland market,while the delivery time is short.During shipping,we will follow up within 24 hours,and report the relevant process scheduling for you.
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