60%tin40%wave welding solder alloy bar
tin stick
60%tin40%wave welding solder alloy bar

For soldering applications which require maximum reliability of solder joints, especially for surface mounted omponents, only solder of the highest purity is acceptable. We do not make any vague claims of outstanding solder purity. Complete analysis of Bar Solders prove that every batch conforms to the strictest quality control standards in the solder industry.BBIEN's Sn60Pb40 bar solder weight about 0.78kg/pc,package with 10kg per carton.
BBIEN bar solders have been exported to such as Colombia,Mexico,Russia,Canada,Netherlands,Iran,Dubai,Saudi Arabia,Vietnam,if your are interested in our solders,pls send us e-mail through website,we will feedback to you within two working days.


1.    Favorable fatigue resistance and outstanding performance
2.    Ultra high electrical conductivity
3.    Mid-temperature soldering, characterized by nice softness and wonderful wetting property.
4.    Benefit from activated rosin core flux.
5.    Ultra strong oxygen resistance. Due to the anti-oxygen material in the solder wire,Sn63Pb37 no clean solder wire can give strong resistance to oxygen.

Low Dross Characteristics:giving cost effective use of the solder alloy.
Low Dross Characteristics:reducing the amount of dross in the wave pot leading to lower downturn and reducing the chance of oxide entrapped in joints.
Manufactured to Alpha’s high standards: giving a product that can be relied on to give good consistent soldering performance.

Chemical content:
  Impurity content %
Sn Pb Sb Ag Cu Fe Zn Bi Al As Ni Cd
60±2 40+/2 ≤0.10% ≤0.02% 0.1% ≤0.02% ≤0.001% ≤0.10% ≤0.001% ≤0.03% ≤0.01% <0.01%
59.3 bal 0.032 0.0002 0.0057 0.002 0.0015 0.006 0.0024 0.0021 0.0032 0.0001
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