179degree melting tin-bismuth-silver solder wire Sn64Bi35Ag1
Sn64Bi35Ag1 solder wire
179degree melting tin-bismuth-silver solder wire Sn64Bi35Ag1
With the development requirement of world environmental protection,lead free solder wire will gradually replace the tin-lead solder wires.SHENZHEN BBIEN TECHNOLOGY LTD apply for the advanced technology, do research and development more and more special and very usefully lead free solder wire,low temperature solder wire,Tin Bismuth solder wire.

BBIEN’s Tin-Bismuth-silver(Sn64Bi35Ag1) solder wire, with a melting point of 179 degrees C, is ideal for soldering of temperature sensitive components. Supplied as a solid core (no inner flux core) lead free solder wire, this solder gives good wetting and solder flow. Packaged as a 1000g box this solder wire we recommend using with the PF670 flux gel to promote increased rapid wetting.

Low temperature eutectic Tin Bismuth alloy
Prevents thermal damage to heat sensitive devices
Low to non-toxic lead free solder
Available currently in a 0.5mm,0.6mm,0.8mm,1.2mm and 2.0mm diameter.

SHENZHEN BBIEN TECHNOLOGY LTD supply Sn64Bi35Ag1 tin bismuth silver solder wire,lead free low temperature solder wire,It has following feature.

Feature of Sn64Bi35Ag1 no flux core Bismuth solder wire

  • The most popular lead-free bismuth solder alloys are BBI-W104 (58Bi 42Sn) which melts at 138°C and BBI-W105 (Sn64-Bi35Ag1) which melts at 179°C. The addition of the 1% Ag makes the alloy more malleable. Both alloys can be used for step soldering applications. After the initial joints are made with a standard SAC alloy (220°C) subsequent soldering operations can be done using the bismuth alloys.
  • Sn64Bi35Ag Bi solder wire has joint properties similar to those of tin-lead solders, with superior fatigue and copper dissolution characteristics.
  • Bismuth is the most diamagnetic and the least thermally conductive of all metals
  • In addition to being non-toxic it does not oxidize as readily as lead does.

Feature of other solder wire is also available for Low temperature eutectic Tin Bismuth silver alloy:
Excellent scalability
High quality soldering wire on the market

Refined welding good fluidity, wetting, smoke spatter
Excellent First Pass Solder Joints. JIS Spread ≥ 80%.
Quick acting flue dissolves surface oxides for good wetting
Good solderability, insulation resistance, No spattering and Non-corrosive.
Widely used in electrical and electronics, solder parts like circuit board, electronics devices and others.

The more informations about Sn64Bi35Ag1 middle temperature metiong lead free solder wire,please feel freely contact with Shenzhen BBIEN Technology Ltd.

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