Lead free wire solders
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Lead free wire solders
With men’s awareness of environmental protection growing,the voice of prohibiting the use of lead material bigger.One of the main directions is “lead-free” of world electronic products. Published two directives of the European Union,greatly promoted in the lead-free electronic products process.
Followingthe spirit of professional and carrer,BBIEN has been creating new microelectronic welding era and devote ourselves to the “lead-free”of world electronic products together wit you sticking to market-oriented and aiming of technological creation an environmental protection.
Now,BBIEN lead-free solder wire include,SnCu,SnAg,SnAgCu and Sn-Bi,Sn-In,Sn-Zn,Zn-Cu,
BBIEN is willing to work with you in good relationships to refine the performance lead-free solder .
1.Little impurity, diffusion capacity well
2.Weldability, good fatigue resistance
3.Solder joints, solder surface brightness, good wetting
4.strong antioxidant, anti-creep
  5.Increase production speed, reduce production costs
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