30/70,20/80,10/90 tin alloy solder wire
main Pb solder wire
30/70,20/80,10/90 tin alloy solder wire
For soldering of tin-lead assemblies, there are our cored wires available in the following alloy specifications:Sn30Pb70, Sn20Pb80,Sn10Pb90.
Sn30Pb70, Sn20Pb80 flux core wire RAM Sn10Pb90 are  very low residue flux core wire solder designed for no-clean hand soldering applications. The flux core provides sufficient activity to solder successfully to bare copper and other demanding applications.

·                 Fully synthetic halide and rosin free, no-clean J-STD-004 ORL0
·                 Drop in replacement for rosin cored solders
·                 Very good tarnish removing properties and high SIR
·                 Clear, hard residues can be safely left on the board

Little spatter and smog, no smell, bright solder joints during soldering.
Little residue and high insulation resistance after soldering, excellent electrical performance, no-clean.

Soldering flux is evenly distributed with good continuity.
Range of application: widely used for manual soldering or automatic iron soldering operations, applicable to repair or the soldering of the electronic elements of electronic products.
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