Sn40Pb60 tin lead solder wire
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Sn40Pb60 tin lead solder wire
Sn40Pb60 is used an Organic Flux core which makes solder wire as a water soluble formula for use in flux-cored solder wire. This cored solder version of the popular organic water soluble rosin flux is more effective than rosin fluxes in soldering difficult metals. The same fast action and mild properties are exhibited with 331 Organic Flux as with the tacky ZX. The flux core wire is more heat stable than others, resulting in minimal smoke and odor. The residue can be completely removed with a simple water rinse

Why choose us?
Our products has the following advantages:

Good wet ability and expandability, and effectively prevent the phenomena of bridged linkage and icicle.
Efficient ability to dioxide film and to coat with quickly.

Little spatter and smog, no smell, bright solder joints during soldering.
Little residue and high insulation resistance after soldering, excellent electrical performance, no-clean.

Soldering flux is evenly distributed with good continuity.
Range of application: widely used for manual soldering or automatic iron soldering operations, applicable to repair or the soldering of the electronic elements of electronic products.
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