Sn63Pb37 no clean tin lead solder wire
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Sn63Pb37 no clean tin lead solder wire
Briefly Description
Sn63Pb37 RMA core wire solder is a type of wire no-clean flux core solder wire, is a low residue flux core solder designed for tin-lead hand soldering and re-work applications. The flux core provides sufficient activity to successfully solder bare copper, tin, silver, gold and other hard-to-solder surfaces.
Flux core contents
1.       Favorable fatigue resistance and outstanding performance
2.       Ultra high electrical conductivity
3.       Mid-temperature soldering, characterized by nice softness and wonderful wetting property.
4.       .high-performance soldering flux, fast melting speed, good fluidity and quick speed to coat with tin.
5.       lower soldering flux spatter rate during soldering.
6.       Sldering flux is evenly distribution with good continuity.
7.       very little smoke and smell gas

In addition, Sn63Pb37 also have the following charateristics

  1. Can applied in radio, communication, meters and instruments
  2. Residue is easy to remove by hot air after soldering work if necessary
  3. Available in many alloy compositions
  4. Smooth surface, good fluid melting rate
  5. Good mechanical performance, moisture and bright weld spot
  6. Forms: bar and wire
  7. Flux types: no-clean, rosin and water-soluble liquid
  8. Tin solder, welding, lead-free solder bar and wires are also available
  9. Very few scraps .
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