100g tube packing solder paste syringe solder paste
syringe packing solder paste
100g tube packing solder paste syringe solder paste
Syringe solder paste is a no-clean tacky soldering flux formula that possesses a high activity level, allowing it to solder nickel surfaces.
The robust wetting action of this solder paste  will allow OSP treated copper, as well as heavily oxidized copper, surfaces to exhibit good soldering properties, even after 2 or 3 thermal cycles. Following reflow, syringe tube packing solder paste will leave aesthetically pleasing clear residues on the assembly.syringe solder paste is designed for a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions,they are used for dispensing soldering technique.

Shenzhen BBIEN Technology LTD produces syringe packing solder paste with 100g/piece,100pieces per foam carton;We can add some ice bag into carton to keep the solderbility and storage situation of solder paste according to customers' requirement.

Tube solder paste are available:lead free solder paste SAC305,SAC0307,SAC105,Sn42Bi58,Sn64Bi35Ag1
lead-tin syringe solder paste:Sn63Pb37;Sn62Pb36Ag2
Sizes of syringe solder paste:type3,type4,type5,type6 and type7.
·         Excellent wettability and solderability;

·         Transparent residue and low solder ball rate;

·         Keep the stability in tackiness force of solder paste over 24hr.;

·         No change in viscosity during continuous printing;

·         Good spreading and bright solder joint.

·         Usage: Suitable for re-flow soldering
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