Sn42Bi58 low temperature bismuth tin solder paste
lead free solder paste
Sn42Bi58 low temperature bismuth tin solder paste
Sn42Bi58 low temperature bismuth tin solder paste

The Sn42Bi58 Bi series is designed to meet requirements for reliable solder joints in SMT PC board assemblies.This no clean soldering cream is a type of low temperature solder paste,whose melting point is just 138 ℃. This formula was designed to have a wider process window and better compatibility with LED surfaces.
1.jar packing:500g,50g
2.Syringe packing:100g
Available size of solder paste:type3,type4,type5,type6 and type7

ORH1 flux classification
Long stencil life and wide process window
Excellent wetting compatibility on most board
finishes and OSP
The following are general guidelines for stencil printer
optimization with Sn42Bi58. Some adjustments may
be necessary based on your process requirements.
rint Speed: 25-100 mm/sec
Squeegee Pressure: 70-250g/cm of blade
Under Stencil Wipe: Once every 10-25 prints,
Stencil Life
> 8 hours @ 30-45% RH and 20-25oC
~ 4 hours @ 45-75% RH and 20-25oC
Sn42Bi58 can be cleaned using deionized water
at 40-60oC with a recommended water pressure of
30-50 PSI. Sn42Bi58can also be cleaned using
commercially available flux residue removers such as
Cleaning flux ,which is available from BBIEN.
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