type3 Sn64Bi35Ag1 tin silver solder paste
solder paste
type3 Sn64Bi35Ag1 tin silver solder paste
SHENZHEN BBIENTECHNOLOGY LIMITED CAN SUPPLY different types ofSn64Bi35Ag1 lead-free solder pastes.type3,type4,type5,type6...which are made from world class powder for enhanced solderability, which contains <500 ppm of lead, guaranteed. BBIEN TECHNOLOGY is your innovative source for SynTECH-LF, a unique lead-free, no-clean solder paste formula made with proprietary synthetic poly-adduct components.
Sn64Bi35Ag1 silver solder paste is a no-clean type chemistry. The residues do not need to be removed for typical applications. If residue removal is required, call our Technical Support.

We can pack with 50g/jar,500g/jar and 100g/syring tube.We have exported to America,Russia,Korea,Saudi-Arab,Colombia,Canada...We still looking for some agent around the world,if you are interested in our items,please contact us.

1)Halogen-free per IPC definition
 Capable of 01005 print and reflow, even in air
reflow environment

2)Can print down to 8 mil x 8 mil apertures

3) Designed specifically for fine feature printing
with T4 powder,Type5,type6 and special type7 solder paste

4)Low QFN/BGA voiding

5)Excellent solderability with halogen-free
BBIEN TECHNOLOGY Sn64Bi35Ag1 solder paste reflowing profile:
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