Sn63Pb37 no clean tin lead solder paste
solder paste
Sn63Pb37 no clean tin lead solder paste

BBIEN Sn63Pb37 no clean solder paste was developed to meet the demands of tin lead soldering when lead free components are present in the circuit assembly. Like all BBIEN solder pastes, SN63PB37 solder cream has excellent print volume repeatability to minimize variation in the print process. SN63PB37 minimizes print cyle times through high print speeds and extended number of prints between stencil under cleaning.
Jar packing 500g/jar and syringe tube packing 100g/tube solder paste Sn63Pb37 are available.
Powder size:

-200+325 75-45μm 2
-325+500 45-25μm 3
-400+635 38-20μm 4
-500 25-15μm 5
-635 15-3μm 6/7
BBIEN Sn63Pb37 solder paste's feature: clean solder paste specifically designed for resistance to environmental extremes. Water-soluble pastes tend to dry out in low relative humidity and slump at high relative humidity. Sn-Pb37 solder cream will maintain its print characteristics, tack and activity even after exposure to environmental extremes.

2.Very low BGA voiding, in conjunction with very high post reflow SIR readings make SN63PB37 ideal for tin lead soldering result (good and bright soldering point, less tin dross, excellent welding result)when lead components are used.

3.Sn63Pb37 solder paste, due to 36%tin mixed with 37%lead,that cause a very prefer soldering for kinds of electronics component.
It is an organic acid, water-soluble solder paste that provides users with the highest level of consistency and performance.
Batch after batch, Sn63Pb37 solder paste provides hours of stable stencil life, tack time and repeatable brick definition.

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